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Meaningless 12″ LP

Random Color Vinyl | 300 copies

JOB is an instrumental band from Chicago whose art is neither devotional nor vocational in theme but rather an answered prayer for those who long to translate outside vibrations flooding towards the cochlea of the inner ear into the flush and rush of some paradoxical, refined barbarism.

Formed in 2014, this three-piece consists of brothers Jim and Bill Myers (drums and keys/synths, respectively) Otto Junker (guitars, bass). Otto has most recently played in DEEP EARTH and ALLA; Jim played with DAKOTA/DAKOTA of Chicago instrumental fame before joining the local hardcore act, WOLF & CUB. Jim and Otto also made up two thirds of an earlier instrumental three-piece known as DOSES. Bill’s arrival on the landscape is more recent.

Their music bounces between heavier noise-rock that at times morphs into hypnotic kraut or shimmery, ethereal post-rock that carries an underlying sense of impending doom. The band’s blistering guitars, driving synths, and booming, precise percussion produces a full-force sound propulsion which removes us from our ho-hums and daily doldrums and transports us instead to the dwellings of our deep-rooted and enduring conversations with both fear and fantasy. It’s uncomfortable, and though it tip-toes around triumphant, it yields its own brand of unsettling.

The first pressing of their debut full length Meaningless is available as a randomly colored LP limited to just 300 copies.

Track List