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In Arcadia

All Green Lights CD EP

300 copies
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Amazing emotional hardcore from Joe Enos, an ex-member of Madison and Carlisle. The similarities to said bands are evident, but these four songs are more developed and powerful, with a good sense of humor to boot. Think Anasarca mixed with Sunny Day Real Estate and a little bit of older Boy Sets Fire. Awesome shit, end of story. Comes with hand-screened covers that bare no name or song titles. Limited to 300 copies.

Release Notes

300 CDs were pressed by Nothing But Noise, all with hand-screened purple covers with white ink. The first 150 copies were shrink-wrapped with small circular In Arcadia stickers on the front, just for the sake of looking slick. The last 150 copies have no shrink-wrap or sticker, for the sake of being lazy.

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