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Hoy Es Siempre Todavia

El Mapa De Mi Albedrio CD

The Braves Church made the artwork for Hoy Es Siempre Todavía’s album El Mapa de Mi Albedr​í​o. An album title that (Google translate tells me) translates to The Map Of My Will. It is no more than logical that this translates to a map. And it is and isn’t and I just love this kind of playing around with your perception. Once you see it you can’t unsee it. Or well, I can flip back and forth in what I see, but you catch my drift. An excellent piece of work that brings that little bit of extra to put in on this list. I also need to compliment the choice for the font chosen and the placement. It really blends in and adds some depth (opposed to what we see too often: (pretty) artwork with loveless bandname/album title smacked on it).
– Scene Point Blank