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Caprice 12″ LP

Orange Vinyl

Horrible/Adorable are from Oakland and totally remind me the type of girl bands that Long Gone John would flip over and release a ton of records from on Sympathy for the Record Industry back in the day. Their sound definately leans more on the poppy side of the pop punk spectrum and they definately have crafty song writing chops along the lines of other Sympathy girl bands like Tuuli, The Chubbies, The Ettes, April March and Holly Golightly. Oakland’s pinkest glitter gals find love in line at the DMV and decide skateboards and pentagrams are way more fun than being good girls, so why not start a band? And it’s pretty much impossible not to fall for any band that describes their sound as “creamsicle dreamsoda poprockz bubblegrunge” and say it with a straight face! Whatever your feelings towards heart eyes emoji are, you can’t deny the duo’s pop-punk songwriting and catchy creative chops. They’re like sugary sweet meets totally kickass.

Track List