Hope Is Noise

Applaud Friends, The Comedy Is Over CD

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‘From the album’s opener, “Lions Led By Donkey’s” to the closing track “I Live With Bruce Banner”, where the vocalist even shouts “This is the end!” the band moves through it’s motions effortlessly. Each song flows so nicely into the next, and there is no filler on here, each one of the 11 songs are just as good as the next’

‘This is a fine album, a hopeful album….a cut above the average….if you like your tuneful post-hardcore and bands like Whipping Boy and Hot Snakes and Trail Of The Dead, if you like clever anthemic rock with a little twist and turn and a little bit of details that makes them stand out from the crowd, if you like delivered with a caustic edge, then this is for you… rather good, like it lots’

Organ Magazine