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Hey Lover

Sinking Ships 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Hey Lover would have been perfectly suited for Sympathy for the Record Industry back in the day. You know the sound – poppy, slightly garage-y rock ‘n roll with strong male / female vocals. The stuff that Lisa Marr from Buck and Cub would do or maybe even a more tough rockin Muffs with loud guitars and super catchy alternating male/femal vox. That’s Hey Lover in a nutshell. Hey Lover’s hooks are focused enough to keep their unbridled, contagious energy from veering off the rails and it’s nice treat if your a fan of ragged, sassy poppy rock ‘n roll with dueling male/female vox. Check it if you dig Tuuli, The Chubbies, Weezer, The Ettes, April March and Holly Golightly. Slick looking GATEFOLD COVERS on these and the LP also includes a full color pull out printed inner dust sleeve with lyrics and additional artwork. And look at that eye popping cover art by Pat Moriarity!

Track List