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Giant Peach

Callous & Strange 7″

Black Vinyl | 250 copies

“Long Island indie rock trio Giant Peach first came to my attention well over a year ago with their debut cd “Glow Away, Ghetto Away” which was solid in its approach to noisy yet melodically rich brand of tunes. And then this past year my mind was absolutely blown when I heard their new EP “People Don’t Believe Me”. It took me a matter of minutes to look into my crystal ball on see a Giant Peach release in the future on Rok Lok! And that release is “Callous and Strange” which is a four song 7 inch, that captures Giant Peach at their best. This bass-less trio plays noisy guitar indie rock that is a wondrous mesh of Polvo, Helium, Bettie Serveert, “Electr-o-pura” era Yo La Tengo and Rainer Maria. This 7 inch is a co-release between Rok Lok and a label that I have admired for a long time, Life On An Island. This 7 inch is limited to 250 pieces with a full color fold over cover, insert, download code and a full color silk screen poster.”
– Mike Rok Lok

Track List