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Free Children Of Earth

Terminal Stasis 12″ LP

White Vinyl with Red & Blue Splatter
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“Washington, D.C.’s Free Children of Earth singer/guitarist/lyricist Jason Yawn has a lot on his mind and much of what’s swimming around his cranial fluid pertains to the raw deal the entity of America has dealt the rest of the world, peaceful society, indigenous peoples, folks of colour, the planet, et al. His latest soapbox for the dissatisfaction of the direction his country has had on the way of the world is FCoE’s second album, Terminal Stasis (which is actually their first since changing their moniker from Beasts of No Nation). Featuring Mike Schleibaum, Andrew Black and Kevin Lamiell (names you might recognise from Darkest Hour, the Explosion, Trial by Fire and Majority Rule), Terminal Stasis is more than just a rowdy punk rock circle pit at the crossroads of the Jesus Lizard, MC5, Bad Brains and Minor Threat; the album is a no-holds barred, finger-pointing indictment of America and its social, economic, racial and environmental policies and the resulting unrest and corruption, all done with as much erudite depth as distortion pedal-fueled screeching. We wanted to give the band the opportunity to not only stream Terminal Stasis this week on the blog, but also give Yawn a forum to deliver a track-by-track explanation and analysis which, despite your opinion and position on the matters at hand, make for some excellent and thoughtful reading.” – Decibel Magazine

Track List

  1. No Broken Circles
  2. Troy
  3. Burning House Evacuee
  4. Terminal Stasis
  5. Business
  6. Runoff
  7. Scars Of Oblivion
  8. PaperSkinBars
  9. All Tomorrow’s Plunder
  10. True Targets