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Flesh Eating Creeps

The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000

Red Tape Shells | 150 copies (50 deluxe / 100 standard)
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Flesh Eating Creeps were a 1990s Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!! and Worn In Red. Over the years, Flesh Eating Creeps’ sound evolved from DC-inspired ‘80s-style hardcore like Minor Threat, Void, and Swiz to a more technical and chaotic sound influenced by Born Against, Heroin, and All.

The two constant members, Chris Terry and Brendan Trache, worked with old friend Will Cole of Handstand Records to digitize vinyl and tape recordings, scan photos and flyers, and compile as much information as possible for this comprehensive, 58-song discography that includes deluxe and standard cassette releases, a Bandcamp download/stream, and an archival band website.

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Release Notes

150 total tapes pressed at Duplication.ca

  • Deluxe Cassette (Hand-Numbered / Limited Edition of 50):
    Oversized album case that comes with 58-song cassette, 2 buttons, 2 stickers, 8-panel J-card, 32-page booklet with band history/liner notes, and free digital download
  • Standard Cassette (Hand-Numbered / Limited Edition of 100):
    58-song cassette tape that comes with 8-panel J-card, sticker, and free digital download
  • Digital Download (Bandcamp)
    Name-your-price Bandcamp digital download that comes with PDF of full liner notes, band history, lyrics, photos, and more

Track List

  1. Academy Award
  2. Exorcising The Southern Ghost
  3. Muddy Waters
  4. Run
  5. A Clean Shirt & A High School Diploma
  6. The Gods Must Be Crazy
  7. Charlie Daniels Band
  8. Name Drops In The Bucket
  9. You’re Everything That Sucks About America
  10. Lakewater
  11. Fuck It Up, Richmond Style
  12. Physics
  13. Rendered Spineless
  14. Lovelace
  15. Bullshit Vein
  16. www@armageddon.com
  17. Theme From “Midnight Cowboy” / This One’s For The Bottom-Feeding Scenester
  18. The Brutal Blizzard Of ‘96
  19. This One’s For The Bottom-Feeding Scenester
  20. Rendered Spineless
  21. Fuck It Up, Richmond Style
  22. The Brutal Blizzard Of ‘96
  23. Lovelace
  24. Fuck Your Friends, Every Single One Of Them
  25. “Unfinished Song Jon Wrote”
  26. Gown Vs. Town
  27. Fuck Your Friends, Every Single One Of Them
  28. Bullshit Vein
  29. Thanks, Asshole
  30. www@armageddon.com
  31. Lovelace
  32. Widow’s Peak
  33. Lakewater
  34. Happy Now?!
  35. It Doesn’t Matter
  36. I Wish I Could Say I Don’t Give A Shit About You
  37. Why Haven’t I Got Beat Up Yet?
  38. I Wish I Could Say I Don’t Give A Shit About You
  39. Gown Vs. Town
  40. Happy Now?!
  41. You Shitheads Are Expendable
  42. Gown Vs. Town
  43. Sample From “Black Roses”
  44. You Shitheads Are Expendable
  45. YM Y Me?
  46. It Doesn’t Matter
  47. You All Along
  48. Co-Ed Murderer
  49. In Your Eyes (Circle Jerks)
  50. Fuck It Up, Richmond Style
  51. Deadeye Dick
  52. Teenager In A Box (Government Issue)
  53. Never Say Never
  54. Introduction
  55. Surf Nazis Must Die
  56. People I Hate
  57. Recluse
  58. YM Y Me?