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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Fight Amputation

Keystone Noise Series #4 7″

Blue Vinyl

This 7” comes hot on the heels of the band’s newest critically acclaimed EP, Constantly Off (Brutal Panda). The fans cried for more, and here it is- recorded during the same studio sessions at Gradwell House by Steve Poponi (Into It. Over It., Ladder Devils). The new material adds another layer to Fight Amp’s constantly evolving sonic brew of noise-rock, sludge, hardcore, grunge and punk. Composed of Mike McGinnis (guitar, vocals), Jon DeHart (bass, vocals) and Dan Smith (drums), Fight Amp hails from the seedy underbelly of Philadelphia’s thriving noise rock scene. Drawing influence from Dead Kennedys, Cherubs, all things AmRep, His Hero Is Gone, Eyehategod, punk rock, skateboarding, and foreclosed suburban ghost towns, the band has crafted a sound similar to early Melvins being molested by Queens of the Stone Age.

Track List

  1. No Trace
  2. Hide Your Teeth