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Faz Waltz

Grown Up Guy 7″

Black Vinyl

Grown Up Guy is a slice of classic Faz La Rocca song-writing. It’s the 1970s stomp of UK glam rock mixed with a healthy dose of the awesome Cheap Trick. The vocals hark back to a tamed Noddy Holder doing the Ballroom Blitz with Robin Zander. It’s a tried and tested formula for Faz Waltz, but hey, if it ain’t broke and all that.

Just like the good old days, B-side C’mon Liar won’t appear on the upcoming LP. Faz Waltz do things the proper way. The track shuffles with a guitar hook straight from the Chapman and Chinn school of hard knocks. Like a can of Top Deck shandy alongside a box of candy cigarettes, it complements the A-side perfectly.

Track List