Exhausted Prayer

Looks Down In The Gathering Shadow CD EP

Exhausted Prayer’s “Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow” is a progressive/experimental politically minded vegan black metal. Brutal blasts, melodic riffing with screaching high mixed with gutteral vocals. This five-song EP is loaded with outstanding melodic, technical death metal. The music features dynamism galore, with shifts in mood, texture, tempo and intensity, resulting in a ride that’s thrilling both at first, and interesting each subsequent time you take the plunge. Exhausted Prayer’s secret lies in the intelligent morphology of the delivery and tone. If you like Opeth and Arsis, this is an album to get without fail.

Track List

  1. Now Grief
  2. The Noble Life
  3. The Meaninglessness and Futility of Existence
  4. Death of Logic
  5. Logic of Death