12″ LP

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“This is an amazing hardcore record. Possibly my favorite Mountain release, Eucharist is one of the most underrated bands of the ’90’s. Pure, skull-crushing hardcore that brings to mind both Econochrist and Rorschach with even more of a straightforward, thrashy assault. Heavy, dark breakdowns (the head bobbing kind not the kick-boxing kind) fill the gaps between blasts of all-out venomous thrash. The lyrics are negative, frustrated, misanthropic diatribes against the misery of other people and everyday life. There’s nothing else to say, in a just world every punk and thrasher would have a copy of this resting close to the turntable at all times.” – Jeff, MTN CIA

Track List

  1. Plague
  2. Born In A Mess
  3. Exit
  4. Promised Splintered
  5. Spoon Fed
  6. Fangs
  7. Praying For Failure
  8. Body And Blood
  9. Frozen Minds
  10. You’ve Been Had
  11. Sensory Deprivation
  12. Invincible
  13. Fooled Again