Dynamite Fishermen

Awkward Conversations CD

Awesome punk rock band from Virginia. Catchy melodic riffs that show an obvious Ramones influence, but there are more dynamics involved here.

Track List

  1. Rock Is Strong
  2. Escape From Punxsutawney
  3. We Are Watching You
  4. We’re Prepared to Sue You
  5. Nothing At All…
  6. Afraid I’m Gonna See Him Again
  7. Bungee Jump & Conquer
  8. Never Gonna Happen
  9. Past Your Prime
  10. You Ruined Everything
  11. Endurance Contest
  12. Outta The Band
  13. Dan Snyder Sucks!
  14. Cocktail Of Insanity
  15. Take A Ride
  16. You’re Too Cool To Like Us
  17. That’s A Knife/That’s A Body-Slam
  18. Gung Ho!
  19. ‘Til We Get Paid