Dir Yassin

Discography CD

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Russian import CD compilation of 25 tracks worth of material from this Israeli punk hardcore band. The name Dir Yassin was chosen as an effort to bring the sublimed bloody facts of Zionism and Israel’s history back into its collective consciousness.


Track List

  1. Brotherly Mass Grave
  2. Temporary Situation
  3. Everything Known Beforehand
  4. Spectacle
  5. Taking The Secret To The Grave
  6. Khesed Shel Emet
  7. Slandering Campaign
  8. All Our Planes Have Returned Safely
  9. For Quality You Must Pay
  10. Wholesale
  11. Koakh Junction
  12. Who Are You To Judge?
  13. Salvation At The End Of The Barrel Of A Gun
  14. No More Propositions For The Day
  15. Ink Stains Across The Border
  16. Sheik Yassin Junior High
  17. Time Bomb
  18. Satanic Verses
  19. Independance Day
  20. Try And Get Raped
  21. Murdering In The Name Of The Copywriter
  22. A Day In A Week For False Consciousness
  23. Shopping Mall Mentality
  24. Times Blurred By Justice Being Served
  25. Sanitary Instillation