Playing The Game Of Revenge And Winning Every Time CD

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This is brutal, spastic stuff here. Devola play that crazy grindcore/powerviolence sound, but do it with a bit of noisy artsyness while they comment on social and politcal issues of importance. Think Brutal Truth, Monster X, and Deadguy. Mike G. watched Seinfeld for months to get the audio at the end of the album.

Track List

  1. 238/219
  2. Red Light Thought
  3. The Prozac Equation
  4. This One Hurts
  5. Exit Wounds
  6. The Ultimate Plan
  7. True Crime
  8. Never To Be Forgotten
  9. Walking On Eggshells
  10. Remembering Insignificance
  11. Real Men Don’t Wear White Hats
  12. Well-Oiled Machine
  13. Almost Negated
  14. For A Cause
  15. Pigeon Fight