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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Destroy This Place

Animal Rites 12″ LP

Blue & Green Mixed Color Vinyl | 320 copies

“Rock music for people who like rock music” is how Detroit natives DESTROY THIS PLACE describe their upcoming third album Animal Rites. Considering their influences range from the breakneck melodicism of Zen Arcade-era HUSKER DU to the heavy riffing heard on early METALLICA records, they seem to know their audience. Loud and aggressive yet melodic and harmonious, Animal Rites is not necessarily “power-pop” but rather powerful pop music played by guys who cut their teeth on a mixture of classic rock radio, punk 45s, thrash videos on Headbangers Ball, the first wave of grunge, and mixtapes full of killer indie rock.

DESTROY THIS PLACE (featuring former members of Frenchkiss Records spazpunks THUNDERBIRDS ARE NOW! and Midwest indie stalwarts NEW GRENADA) recorded Animal Rites in 4 days with the help of current loud-rock go-to guy Justin Pizzoferrato (SPEEDY ORTIZ, DINOSAUR JR., SONIC YOUTH) at Sonelab Studios in Easthampton, MA. Mastered by Carl Saff. First press limited to 320 copies on blue/green marbled vinyl with full jackets, full lyric insert sheets and a digital download code included.

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