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Hope Inscribed On Handbills 7″ EP

Black Vinyl
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Following up their split LP with Fire Team Charlie as well their jaw dropping appearance at last year’s Rok Lok Fest, Oklahoma’s Damezumari are back with a brand new 4 song 7 inch. It is no easy to feat to keep hardcore/screamo interesting when there are literally thousands of bands across the world mining for gold in the scene, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly how Damezumari continue to hammer out technically proficient yet melodically sensible tunes that always sound fresh and demand repeat listens. For fans of early Hot Cross, Off Minor, Four Hundred Years and Sinaloa. The record is a pressing of 492 on black vinyl, 6 on white vinyl, 1 on grey and one black/white swirl. Thy are packaged in a silkscreen envelope and come with a insert.

Track List