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Blood Of Cushing 12″ EP

Black Vinyl

Cushing is a noise rock three piece from Portland, ME. Founded in 2014 by long time friends guitarist Serge Vladimiroff and drummer Ric Loyd, the band quickly recruited local bass stalwart Sean Hadley (Conifer). They name the new project Cushing, partly after the late actor Peter Cushing and partly after the island of the same name off the Portland coast. The trio shared a mutual love of indie rock, post-punk, slowcore and krautrock and managed to hash everything together into a unique and cohesive sound.

“Unholy union between Mogwai, early-period Failure, and classic Jesus Lizard. Production is top notch and the sound is dense, with shards of noise and feedback tucked into every corner. – Razorcake

Track List