Countdown To Putsch

Handbook For Planetary Progress CD + BOOK

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Countdown to Putsch are members of the Judas Iscariot, That’s All She Wrote, and Your Adversary. This, their first release, includes a self-published, 100 page socio-political text as well as a 72 minute audio CD with 50 minutes of scathing hardcorepunk music and an interview with activist Jafar S. Hamzah about human rights issues in Indonesia.

Track List

  1. Fish vs. Geist
  2. (Un)Naturalization
  3. The Losing End of Race & Real Estate
  4. Struthio Camelus (Ostrich)
  5. The Argument Without Camus
  6. Reagan Is Anger Mispelled (sorta)
  7. The Symmetrical Bipartisan Dungheap
  8. This is Progression
  9. A Sour Candy Analogy
  10. Short On Funds, Long On Inspiration
  11. The Argument with Camus
  12. Jafar S. Hamzah (America isn’t the Planet)