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Collider 7″

Gold Vinyl

Collider hit all the sweet spots with a combination of angular post-punk, hazy shoegaze, and early 90s alternative/indie rock. Rather than hiding behind a wall of noise, this DC quartet really stands out with super strong melodies and a driving rhythmic pulse that lulls the listener into submission. This single is easily one of my fav releases of 2017 thus far, and I’m hard pressed to see what they do next. Released by DC label Cricket Cemetery and limited to 500 copies: 200 on gold vinyl, 300 on black vinyl.

“A welcome change from the current cadre of shoegaze-inspired rock bands – Collider stay smart without being annoyingly intellectual. Their references may be sonically grounded in the early 90s, but they manage to nod to that time while keeping their bearings in the present – you never feel like you already might own this record, or have “heard this song before”. Running through their veil of spiraling guitars is a pummeling rhythm section which makes clear their commitment to energetic and syncopated certainty. Their songs feel dipped in a hazy glow, but nothing vague escapes their lips – a refreshing break from other bands whose inspirations may draw from similar places. They lurch from glacial dirges to fast, thick and blurred frenzies of guitar slush. Ultimately, Collider feel cooler and more human than the rest of the kids at the party, without really trying – they speak directly to you and everyone like you – while everyone else seems like they’re working a little too hard.” – Ben Green

Track List

  1. Collide
  2. The River