Cloud Rat / Moloch

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl

Witness the blessed union of Cloud Rat – the genre-bending, grind-doom-noise-punk-metal phenoms – and the UK’s Moloch, who continue to be truly excellent purveyors of tense, rancid sludge forged in the grand Northern English tradition. Moloch contributes two mammoth tracks whose resolute dedication to hammering out the most distorted, decimating doom possible add an interesting balance to Cloud Rat’s tendency to flit from genre to genre like extremely pissed antifascist hummingbirds.

Track List

  1. CLOUD RAT – Rat Sueno
  2. CLOUD RAT – Perdiak
  3. CLOUD RAT – Clench
  4. CLOUD RAT – Baby Sling / Balloon Born
  5. CLOUD RAT – Biting The Air
  6. CLOUD RAT – Pit
  7. CLOUD RAT – Amber Flush
  8. MOLOCH – The Ninth Wave / Bloody North
  9. MOLOCH – Lead