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Closet Burner

Disappointment, Death, Dishonor 12″ LP

Clear Vinyl w/ Red Haze

Bloomington’s Closet Burner return with a full length of queer-positive, society bullshit negative hardcore. The sound is rooted in classic fast hardcore riffs, but not afraid to drop a dirge or a powerviolent blast in there. Lyrics are angry, to the point, and no holds barred, representing a refreshing return to actual anger and resistance in hardcore. Members share time in Rat Storm as well.

Track List

  1. Gay Edge
  2. Abandonment In Cycles
  3. Straight Hate
  4. Kill For Acceptance
  5. Reform
  6. Queer Elite
  7. Safety Is Hollow
  8. Empty Promise
  9. Grave Hole
  10. Still Broken
  11. Illness, Fear, And Greed
  12. Saving Grace
  13. Reduced
  14. Choose Your Weapon
  15. Feel Their Pain
  16. Object Of Disgust
  17. Next On The Agenda