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Breeding Weakness 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 200 copies

“Christworm is a two-piece band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who works hard to put the sludge into blackened metal. When they tell you they mix heavy metal with extreme misanthropy and self-loathing, you best believe it, buster. They’re not messing around. An extension of the Louisiana Sludge sound that became popular in the 90’s, these guys revel in their unrelenting darkness, taking the music places not too many people ever thought it could go.

Boy, talk about caustic and dreary. This one certainly qualifies for both. The whole thing carries this sheen of crusty metal scraping against crusty metal, irritating and panic-inducing. The drums feel stuffed with cotton and yet still somehow pummel with no mercy. The guitars are heavy and resonating and yet again, sound like rusty knives being sharpened. The songs beat you over the head before switching tempos and sometimes lurching about like a drunk who got punched in the head by a brick-filled first. Sounds come at you from the left and the right, no comfort here, the listener trapped in an urban nightmare factory, everything haunted by ghosts of sheer madness.” – Cvlt Nation

Track List