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Child Meadow

It Hurts 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 300 copies
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​Child Meadow is a two piece powerhouse of French emo – powerful, passionate and raw. This was supposed to be the last split of 3 way split series with Remek & Paper Plane Crash. Since Paper Plane Crash is no longer active, IFB Records decided to release those tracks as an LP, in conjunction with a ton of other DIY labels.

Track List

  1. A Bout De Souffle
  2. Ainsi Soient-ils
  3. This City Is Big As You Make It (Paper Plane Crash Cover)
  4. De Rouille et D’os
  5. Derniere Chance
  6. Immobile
  7. Pauvre de Nous
  8. Vivre Sa Vie

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