Canadian Rifle

Deep Ends – Cassette Tape

125 copies

Cassette tape version of Canadian Rifle’s amazing new album. “Deep Ends is the second LP from Canadian Rifle, arguably Chicago’s best melodic hardcore band. The band plays confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawbreaker) with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn’t, trying to keep something alive when you’re running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction. Needless to say, it’s pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played with an angered energy that’ll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking great for a band with no dreams and no goals.” LP Available on Dirt Cult Records.

Track List

  1. Withdraw
  2. Pleasant Relief
  3. Deep Ends
  4. Ditches
  5. Brain In A Cage
  6. Bridge The Gap
  7. Looking Back At It
  8. Lock Yourself In The Bathroom
  9. Going To Get Fucked Up When You Die