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Boys Night Out

Nevermind 2 12″ LP

Bubblegum Haze Color Vinyl | 40 copies
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Releasing older songs is a tricky beast. On one hand, it could be bumming out the people who enjoyed hearing what the band evolved into. On the other hand, nostalgia sells…and daddy needs to eat! So…Nevermind 2! Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses has seen a few pressings in the past, but landing a physical copy of You Are My Canvas (which was only released on burned CDs, crafted in the Lovat-Frasers’ basement) is almost impossible. And ooooooh boy…the pre-demo demo (or PDD) versions of Sketch Artist Composite and The Anatomy of the Journey? Those puppies – with me (Connor…hi!) on vocals/drums and Jeff playing everything else – were only available on the Y2K version of MP3.com and basically only used to recruit other band members. Smash all these old chestnuts together in one release and see what happens! Why not? It perfectly captures the whole spirit of early Boys Night Out. But what title does one bestow upon such a sonic siphonophore? There are 3 versions of Sketch Artist Composite. Do you call it Sketch Artist Composite Plus Other Songs? Do you go all in on a lyric-based title like Fuck Us Where We Breathe? Decisions, decisions! Probably best to follow Costa’s sage advice and go with Nevermind 2. So, almost exactly two decades after our first show – July 19, 2001 @ The Oakville Pine Room with Sky Came Falling, Unearth, and Rise Over Run – may we present unto you, Nevermind 2! What’s old is new again, probably?