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Botched Toe

A False Glimmer of Hope 12″ LP

Black Vinyl
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Botched Toe’s debut offering A False Glimmer of Hope is a furious stomp of an album that rattles along at a rate of knots, propelled by well enunciated yet pointedly aggressive vocals and a fuck-ton of raging guitar riffs, all set atop a thundering rhythm section. A lockdown-borne project featuring members of the sadly now disbanded Matilda’s Scoundrels, percussion from Marcus Green of Feral State, and all headed up by the very busy James Domestic.

Well, it wouldn’t be a review rotation without a release featuring the ubiquitous James Domestic, a man who seems to be unable to sit back and take a breather from music. Botched Toe finds him spewing forth his dismal view on the state of affairs in the world today, with impenetrable riffs offering a jackhammer accompaniment. The rhythm section aids and abets this aural assault with alacrity to provide a pummeling undertow which propels the album across its eighteen minutes. This took me a good few listens before I got into its groove but I’m pleased that I persevered.

–Rich Cocksedge, Razorcake