Born Loose

Torn Up Heart 7″

Clear Vinyl w/ Red Splatter | 150 copies

Because you need it, here’s a sick limited edition blood-splattered platter of blazing punk rock’n’roll, a sonic murder at the dragstrip featuring the nitrous-boosted line up of Larry May (Candy Snatchers/The Crums), Suke (Snuka/Iron Prostate/Candy Snatchers), Shane Konen (Live Ones/Ghetto Ways) and Eric Robel (Heroin Sheiks/Nova Express). The inimitable Larry May still has this cool Jello Biafra kind of thing in his voice, and the band’s music is still loud and pissed off. “Torn Up Heart” sounds like an epileptic version of The Stooges, and “Game Over” will bring early NY punk images to your mind. Of course, this is fast, aggressive and sleazy, but what else can you expect from Born Loose? This vinyl only 7″ (no download or streaming) is a collaboration between Hound Gawd! Records, Reptilian Records, and Robellion Music, the band’s own label, so be quick!

Track List

Torn Up Heart

  1. Game Over