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Being a good poet with strong will to share his words with people, Ivan Bookwar started to search musicians to form a band and tried few options, but did not have success. So he decided to play solo. But how – still even after a year of releasing music he doesn’t know musical notes! So he chose his own way of making sounds by buying old soviet dusty analog synths and drum machines that are very cheap in Russia as everyone uses Korgs and Yamahas, but not local gems – Polivoxes, Lels and Altairs. This stuff considered to be difficult to operate and create music. So Bookwar started his 1-man-band called “Read ABC-book” in Russian (Bookwar is a phonetic version of word “Bukvar” or ABC-book). Why ABC-book? Because it`s a reminder of soviet childhood and soviet sounds from soviet synths. As Bookwar is not a musician you can here that on I.L.F. – everything is very basic, but honest and straight. Sound is industrial and noisy. Tracks were recorded live with very little rehearsals, as the most important thing here – lyrics/russian poems. Proper experimental post-hop played live on analog synths.

Track List

  1. Фронт Освобождения Насекомых | Insects Liberation Front
  2. Деконструкция II | Deconstruction II
  3. Время | Time
  4. Никуда | Nowhere
  5. Ван Гог | Van Gogh
  6. Доброраб | Dobrorab
  7. СПИД | AIDS
  8. Фестиваль | Festival
  9. Паша 183 | Pasha 183
  10. Наконец (Памяти Димы Лиса) | Finally (In memory of Dima Lis)
  11. Жизнь Замечательных Людей | Life of Remarkable People
  12. Сыроед | Raweater