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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Bleed The Pigs / Thetan

Split 12″ LP

Black Vinyl
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Bleed The Pigs and Thetan, two of Nashville’s finest grindcore ensembles, are inheritors of a rich grind legacy that includes forefather firebrands like Extreme Noise Terror, Repulsion, and early Napalm Death down through Cloud Rat and Iron Lung, and their vicious strengths are on full aural display for this split release. Fifteen politically astute and fucking furious tracks race by in around twenty minutes? Sorry, they just don’t have the luxury to fuck around.

Bleed The Pigs’ side of the disc is full-on sprinting, grimy extremity. Vicious, blown-out instrumentation and manic, throat-shredding vocals alternate between racing to the cliff to jump and vicious thrashy breakdowns. More so than Thetan, BTP introduce elements of noise and structural meltodown while still reveling in filthy grooves. Time to mosh yet? Sorry, fuck you, it’s over.

Bass/drums duo Thetan whip up an unholy racket that is this weird mix of precise and rashly ill-tempered. No song is over two minutes yet somehow they find the time to fit in these micro jams that are incredible. Vocals are delivered in an urgent, shredded scream. Two collaborative tracks are beyond visceral and seal the deal that this is state of the art powerviolence. These days, if you pay even the slightest attention to the world, anger is less a gift than a fucking obligation.

Packaging includes a re-used inside out screen printed jacket, with hand-stamped spine, screen-printed poster on hand-cut waste paper, screen-printed patch, lyrics insert, and killer center-label etchings.

Track List

  1. THETAN – Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
  2. THETAN – En Passant
  3. THETAN – Boot Licker
  4. THETAN – Thin Blue Line
  5. THETAN – Abandonment
  6. THETAN – Divided, Not Yet Conquered
  7. THETAN – Long Kiss Goodnight
  8. THETAN – Pressure Cracks
  9. BLEED THE PIGS – Bedlam
  10. BLEED THE PIGS – Annihilate You
  11. BLEED THE PIGS – Dehumanize
  12. BLEED THE PIGS – Justified
  13. BLEED THE PIGS – Born Of Filth
  14. BLEED THE PIGS – Demise
  15. BLEED THE PIGS – Soul Collector