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Birth (Defects)

Ascetic / Forged 7″

White Vinyl

Birth (Defects) is from Baltimore and would appreciate you not asking if they’ve seen The Wire. They are not a party band unless your idea of a good time is collapsing the entire structure of an already ruinous and burning society (in which case,hello, nice to meet you, kindred spirit). Ragged and furious, keening and screeching — they are noise rock without the regressive bro factor, with arrows aimed to puncture not just your ego but their own. You will probably like them if you like Killdozer, and other such comic inversions of masculinity. RIYL: godheadSilo, Keiji Haino, Love 666, Lamps, Fake Limbs

Track List

  1. Ascetic
  2. Forged

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