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Bird Songs

In & Of – Cassette Tape

White Cassette | 32 copies
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It seems as if every moment of every day we are inundated with a seemingly excess of sounds that it is almost hard to discern one from another. Bird Songs and it’s five song cassette release “In & Of” while reveling in layering a variety of sounds ranging from field recordings, natural ambiance, tape hiss, minimal guitar melodies and drones each sound breathes freely. And at the moments where it seems as if all the sounds produced will cave in on one another it all melts away in a sea of calm much like in the aftermath a wave crashing upon the jagged rocks of a shoreline. Bird Songs should appeal to fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Azusa Plane and Love Letter. “In & Of” is limited to an edition of 40 black cassettes with full color j-cards and hand stamped labels.

Track List