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Pop 7″ EP

Red Vinyl
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Omaha, Nebraska’s BIB presents POP, their follow up release to their 2015 Demo. POP takes you on a panicked journey through a wormhole of anxiety and isolation. BIB continues their wall of noise style production on this release, with delayed vocals that sound like they’re being tossed off of a mountain. BIB mixes quick, full chord riffs with crushing breakdowns. Vocals weave between child like shrill barks, primordial grunts, and pressure reducing singing. The final track “P.M.F.” ends the record with a chaotic blast of organ that perfectly captures BIB’s pop and hardcore sound.

Track List

  1. Anxiety
  2. Psychedelic Paralysis
  3. Pseudo Punk
  4. Empty
  5. P.M.F.