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Beach Slang

The Deadbeat Bang Of Heartbreak City 12″ LP

Blood Red Vinyl | 1000 copies

American rock ‘n’ roll mainstay BEACH SLANG has announced their most accomplished new album to date The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City. While James has always invited a rotating gang of friends and players for recordings and shows, this record features a very special guest bassist: Tommy Stinson (THE REPLACEMENTS, GUNS ‘N’ ROSES). “It was a real-life rock & roll daydream come true,” says James. While James Alex has always infused his anthemic power pop with the earnestness of a gutter poet, Deadbeat Bang… sneaks up on you. Like all BEACH SLANG albums, the eleven tracks are all written and arranged by James. It’s big, loud, and brash, immediately setting the tone for a record more inspired by the stadium classic rock of CHEAP TRICK than early REPLACEMENTS. The record was mixed by heavy-hitter Brad Wood, celebrated for his work with the SMASHING PUMPKINS and Liz Phair. Drawing comparisons to JAWBREAKER and THE REPLACEMENTS, but never approaching easy facsimile, BEACH SLANG paid tribute to the past by lighting a new torch with their critically-acclaimed previous records.

Track List