Reflect The Filth 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 500 copies
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Despite becoming a two-city group in 2007, the NYC/ Nashville thrash-duo William and Omid soldiered on and continued to lay musical waste to all that crossed their path, managing a tour of Japan in the process. The ingredients to Battletorn’s vision are few and simple, but they deliver such a ferocious thrash/ punk/ metal/ hardcore mania that you’d never guess there’s only two of them. Perhaps the words of others describe them best: “With nothing to hide behind, be it longwinded, cryptic lyrics, ‘majestic’ album art or dense and overdone production, Battletorn come quickly, come prejudicially, and it’s all over before one’s able to really process what has transpired.” (LeftHandPath) Reflect the Filth will be the band’s final full-length offering, and compiles 8 studio tracks recorded at The Thousand Caves with Behold… The Arctopus’ Colin Marston at the knobs on the A-side. Side B has a complete live set (clocking in at 15 minutes, it’s the band’s longest) recorded in Tokyo on the last night of their Japanese tour. In continuing the tradition of their over-before-you-know-it aesthetic, the 12″ will be limited to 500 copies which promise to be gone rather quickly. The records is a split release between Mad at the World (New York/Montreal), Grrman Records (UK), and Challenge the Throne (US/Cal).