Construct 2xLP

Black Vinyl

Another ambitious concept album from Archivist. Construct, the six-piece’s far-reaching 10-track odyssey of atmospheric post-metal is truly one for the ages. Atmosphere-drenched post-black/post-metal/post-rock proggery designed to infiltrate your senses. Members of Fall Of Efrafa, Lightbearer, and Anopheli. 180 gram vinyl, reverse board gatefold covers, 12×12 inserts, and digital download code.

Track List

  1. Lamenting Configuration
  2. Birth Of Ire
  3. Property?
  4. The Negotiation
  5. Scorched Earth Policy
  6. The Reconstruction
  7. Mysterium Cosmographicum
  8. Witch Finder
  9. An Epiphany
  10. The Theosophical Digressions Of Artificial Intelligence