Moloch 12″ LP

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“Ancst’s sound is a frantic blend of black metal, crust, post-rock, screamo, and hardcore—”neocrust,” if you insist, though the band’s impartial to genre tags. It’s urgent, dynamic music with a firmly-held message: “anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-religion, death to NSBM.” These ideas are still weirdly controversial in the black metal scene, but Ancst takes a more negatively holistic view, noting that these are societal problems—not just subcultural problems—especially in their current home of Berlin, where tensions are running at a fever pitch and intolerance is on the rise.” – Noisey

Track List

  1. Moloch
  2. Behold The Servants
  3. The Skies Of Our Infancy
  4. In Decline
  5. Strife
  6. Devouring Glass
  7. Turning Point
  8. Human Hive
  9. No More Words
  10. Lys