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Age Of Collapse / Warscroll

Split 12″ LP + CD

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D-beat mayhem!!! Both bands are heavy in their own right, and compliment each others sound. Hard hitting stuff!

COMES WITH CD VERSION in addition to 12″ black vinyl

Track List

  1. AGE OF COLLAPSE – Heads On High
  2. AGE OF COLLAPSE – To Stand Amongst Broken Stones
  3. AGE OF COLLAPSE – Storms Of Reason
  4. AGE OF COLLAPSE – Ungrateful Sons
  5. AGE OF COLLAPSE – Blind Sight
  6. AGE OF COLLAPSE – No More Blood
  7. WARSCROLL – Talons
  8. WARSCROLL – Errors Son Lecciones
  9. WARSCROLL – Ethics Of History
  10. WARSCROLL – Esperando Lo Peor

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