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Stoner Hive

Fourpiece (Or Five-piece? Or three-piece?) War Honey hails from Brooklyn, New York and deliver sorrowful indie and woeful slowcore. Their 2020 release Shard To Shatter is now available on vinyl through Handstand Records. Hinting at love for the jazz-age, the thirties and the grand gestures we only have four tracks to get wisped away by. Wisped away to a dream sequence of a masquerade party in a crystal ball about to be shattered. A forlorn, slightly sinister vibe permeates the entire release and sad love, a kind of pale jewel shines its dim glow across the tracks. Lyrically, the songs address even darker themes and questions evoked by the ever more destructive effects of capitalism and inequality. All of these get even more weight due to the pandemic and the open spaces within the music where you can hear echoes and resonance of something pastoral and ethereal. Not music for an early morning peptalk or a wild late night party; but it will bring you into a higher state of mind. Just listen to that wonderful voice of Gabrielle Dana; and you will undoubtedly feel the pain, want to do better and wish for a light of hope to see us all through…

War Honey

Shard To Shatter 12″ EP

Dreamy slowcore indie influenced by Slowdive, Crumb, Cigarettes After Sex, Modest Mouse, and Nick Cave. This EP is ripe with lush atmosphere, driven by the soaring operatic vocals of Gabrielle Dana that incorporate socially conscious and often surrealist lyricism. Ben Fitts’ ethereal guitar work reverberates across a vast sonic landscape, with mesmerizing melodies as well as dark textures. Shard To Shatter is a haunting and majestic journey that leaves you yearning for more from this burgeoning young Brooklyn band.