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Stoner Hive – Oct 9 2019

Smelly, filthy and absolute gore. That was just the impression we had before going into the self-titled Mutant Scum release. Then came the rumbling, the rolling drums, taking us deep underground into the sewage where they dwell. Sure, this is noisy and punky and hardcore-ish… But there is so much based on hardrock rhythms that you immediately feel that stoner and sludgy under current. After which come the metallic noises, the heavy metal as we all fell in love with back in the eighties. Never once sticking to just one of those genres; the Mutant Scum are one contaminated melting cesspool of influences. Are we fan of the growls, howls and screams; not particularly, but they do fit well with this kind of gritty and guttural putrescence. And then comes ‘Scabpicker’… If there ever was a song that reminds you of good old Karma To Burn this will be it… There are many high points, but ‘Cesium-137’ is certainly one of them! So let’s sum it up: rock, metal, stoner, sludge, punk, hardcore and a whole lot of attitude! (JK)

Mutant Scum

Mutant Scum 12″ LP

Sludgy metallic punk played by mutant-human hybrids spawned from the Brooklyn sewers. Radioactive slime green color vinyl, plus full color gatefold jacket and download code.