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Stoner Hive – Oct 31, 2019

The four that form Lacing have been producing music for a few years now. And their first full-sized album Bummer from 2017 was lauded by many. Now they return with a follow-up entitled Without. Which follows nicely in the melancholic and shoegaze footprint that Bummer was. And where the debut already moved into more noisy and grungy area’s; Without strolls along those borders even more. And crossing borders is what this album is all about. The four keep touching on those different ‘styles’ without ever committing to one, making the entire record a completely different kind of escapade. Energetic and heavy one moment and languid and draining the next. Add to this the seriousness of the lyrical content, spawned by the abusive childhood vocalist Joseph Davenport unfortunately had, but which therefor also taps into existential fears, angers and troubles; and it becomes a cathartic experience. They manage to discolor the long shades their music cast and turn it all into this almost ethereal fade of gray…


Without CD

Dreamy, heavy shoegaze with dramatic post-rock swells and nuanced noisy outbursts. Ethereal vocals compliment the icy clean guitar lines in a series of swirling waves before the storm of dark hooks and trembling discord.