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Razorcake #128

Attempting to pigeonhole War Honey by genre classification simply sells short the depth and breadth of their gorgeous sound. The centerpiece of each of the three tracks on this one-sided 12″ EP is Gabrielle Dana’s haunting and beautiful voice. The ethereal music surrounding her voice elevates the feelings behind her vocals, making listening to War Honey an almost transcendent experience. This one sits with you a long time after the record has stopped spinning and leaves you wanting more.

War Honey

Shard To Shatter 12″ EP

Dreamy slowcore indie influenced by Slowdive, Crumb, Cigarettes After Sex, Modest Mouse, and Nick Cave. This EP is ripe with lush atmosphere, driven by the soaring operatic vocals of Gabrielle Dana that incorporate socially conscious and often surrealist lyricism. Ben Fitts’ ethereal guitar work reverberates across a vast sonic landscape, with mesmerizing melodies as well as dark textures. Shard To Shatter is a haunting and majestic journey that leaves you yearning for more from this burgeoning young Brooklyn band.