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Hanging Like A Hex – March 2021

Imagine, if you will: it’s a sunny day out and you decide to skip work because it’s the first time in a few weeks where it hasn’t been raining. It’s not hot out, but you can get away with not wearing a jacket, so you go for the Heart ¾ sleeve you inherited from your parents closet. Sunglasses go on, you grab the dog leash, and you and your best pal (AKA, the dog) go for a walk down to the riverfront park. What are you listening to? This band Groupie makes music suitable for such an occasion. The press photo makes it look as if they’re blazing solos straight from an Ex-Hex show, but they are considerably more chill for the most part. It’s fairly straightforward power pop/rock that goes low key because the members are secretly part of a bike gang or something.


Ephemeral 12″ LP

GROUPIE are a Brooklyn 4-piece who play a captivating style of surfy post-punk somewhere within the venn diagram of The Breeders, Bikini Kill, & The Raincoats.