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Under The Volcano #89 review:
In Arcadia - If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It CD

The word emo and its subsequent effect on those whom hear the word when it is used to describe a band has really been met some rather tragic yet sometimes funny results in recent years. Due to the staggering number horrific bands that have fallen under the umbrella of emo in the last few years the name emo conjures up signs of warning that are equivalent to “Beware: Biohazard Waste”. There was a time when emo wasn’t a term co-opted by skinny, whiny white kids wearing designer jeans but in fact a subgenre of hardcore that tended to be more melodic and mid tempo musically while lyrically focusing on topics that were personal, and rather emotionally charged, hence the name emo. And after listening to the latest album from In Arcadia it is apparent that they are more in league with the latter as If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It is a collection of nine songs that are as melodic as they are driving. In fact sometimes the songs are even performed in a rather sloppy, urgent manner that finds them having much in common with early Sunny Day Real Estate, 400 Hundred Years and Planes Mistaken for Stars as well as Long Island post hardcore heroes Inside. There are moments of melodic introspection that can be deemed as “pretty” while at the same time there is equally as much discordantly raw guitar driven angst to be found. Adding some drama to the melodic passages are some well thought out piano accompaniments that compliment some of the songs rather nicely. I almost can’t believe that this record was released in 2005 and not 1998. If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It, is a pure treat and hopefully will reach the ears of those who dig well written, sincere emotional hardcore.

In Arcadia – If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It CD

A melodious emo/hardcore assault in the vein of Anasarca or Falling Forward with the catchy melodies of early Piebald or Sunny Day Real Estate.