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Suburban Voice #94 review:
Olde Ghost - Use Yer Illusion 3'N'4 12" LP

The cover for Olde Ghost’s debut album parodies a certain west coast hard rock band (guess) but that’s the end of the similarity. This is nervy, pounding rock with howling vocals and a muscular musical focus—a few Drive Like Jehu touches but you can also hear bits of Swiz and Rorschach (especially vocally) in there, too. Former members of the underrated Books Lie and it’s a heavier-sounding proposition. Only misstep is an ill-advised cover of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by the Animals.

Olde Ghost – Use Yer Illusion 3’N’4 12″ LP

A heavy riff-storm of guitars mixed with pulsating bass lines, thunderous drumming, and burly vocals. Black Flag meets Hot Snakes.