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Suburban Voice #119 review:
Mutant Scum - Field Recordings

A concept of sorts… underground slime creatures forming out of industrial waste in a creek (so it says) to play boisterous, hard rocking metal and punk. If you’re engaging in tongue-in-cheek schtick, it’s always a good idea to have the musical chops and songs to go along with it and these Scum do have that. And read between the lines and it comes across like an environmental cautionary tale. From a musical standpoint, it’s not primordial, sluggish ooze, even with a heavier, stomping song like “Sludge Castle.” To use an awful pun, don’t forget the sewers, don’t forget the streets and watch out because these scummy beings are right behind you.

Mutant Scum – Field Recordings

Subterranean dwelling humanoids, horribly deformed by exposure to a toxic radioactive substance, making a raucous metallic commotion with help from local volunteer/drummer James and the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research.
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