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Stoner Hive – Oct 2019 review:
Casual Burn - Mean Thing 12" LP

Surf’s up today! Upon returning from a damn great surf holiday in Portugal we found a couple of vinyl albums waiting for us. Some we had expected, some we did not. Casual Burn’s debut vinyl release Mean Thing was one of them. Main man Will Cole from Handstand Records had taken it upon himself to send that one over in great form. And what a treat it is! With just enough surfey undertones it transported me right back to the surf and skate adventures of Ericeira Portugal. It’s garage and it’s punk and it has an eighties almost wave like vibe that will have you bopping your head within seconds. There is this highly lovable and ramshackle aspect to it all, especially on the moments when they go berserk and freak out. Fuzzy and wild! Raw and gritty! O’ and those vocals… Monet Maloof sounds casual yet intense, psychotic yet aloof, and for some strange and possible weird reason it whirls around in your head until it can’t get out anymore! Damn! This is one mean addictive thing!

Casual Burn – Mean Thing 12″ LP

Casual Burn are a femme-fronted punk rock band from the swamps of New Orleans, with goth and surf undertones, sludgy downshifts, and noisy freak-outs.