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Slug & Lettuce #75 review:
The Infertil - Dischoreography CD

From one of the wealthiest suburbs on the Eastern Seaboard comes this disc chock full of really simple, political punk rock. This CD is chock full of photos and songs that will surely be used to blackmail these kids in the future, if they are not being used for this purpose already. Sloppy and stupid, but they mean well. Wait a minute…There’s a Born Against cover. Save your money and buy the re-issue of aforementioned band’s Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure, unless you already own it or one of the kids in this band is your nephew and you feel the need to support his efforts.

The Infertil – Dischoreography CD

Lying somewhere between Born Against and Filth, this hardcore-punk group delivers ten anthems about love, hate, and beer.