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Razorcake #90 review:
Flesh Eating Creeps - The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000

Ripping, manic hardcore akin to brutality experts Goat Shanty and Society Of Friends, Also Known As The Quakers, who practically wrote the book on speed picking in hardcore – though Flesh Eating Creeps do it fairly well themselves. There are moments when things settle down long enough to reveal a little bit of indie and math metal influence – but the overall nature of their sound is unhinged aggression at times – coming across as unpretentious freeform jams. It’s important to keep in mind that these tracks date back to the mid-’90s and carry on into the new millennium: a weird time when powerviolence’s first and second waves were quickly fading, emo was evolving into screamo, and mosh-core was ignorant as fuck but at least the riffs were still good. In listening to these tracks fifteen years after the band’s demise, it becomes apparent that this band may have been underappreciated at the time, seeing as how they probably didn’t fit in with their contemporaries. Certainly not a band that everyone will agree on but definitely one that deserves consideration if you’re into bands on Vermiform, Gravity, or Initial Records. Comes packaged in a book on cassette-style shell cover with extensive liner notes, alternate j-card artwork, stickers, buttons, and limited to fifty copies.


Flesh Eating Creeps – The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000

Flesh Eating Creeps were a 1990s Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!!, and Worn In Red.